Sep 08, 2023

Acquisition of land for construction of Bulk oil Terminal at Mehmood Kot near PARCO Refinery.

Land acquired for constructing a Bulk Oil Terminal near PARCO Refinery in Mehmood Kot. Strengthening storage and distribution capabilities, ensuring reliable supply and supporting regional energy development. Excited for this strategic investment.

08 Sep, 2023

Marketing license granted by OGRA for commencements of Marketing in Sindh Province.

OGRA has granted us a marketing license to operate in Sindh Province, a significant milestone. We are excited to bring innovative products and services, adhering to industry standards, contributing to local development, and ensuring responsible operations. Grateful for this More..

08 Sep, 2023

Acquisition of land and kicked off construction for extension of Habibabad Bulk Oil depot for a capacity of 17,200 Metric Tons.

We have successfully acquired the land required for the extension of the Habibabad Bulk Oil depot, paving the way for further development. The extension project aims to increase the depot's capacity to an More..

08 Sep, 2023

Kicked off NOC process for Daulatpur Bulk oil Depot having total proposed capacity of 20,671 Metric Tons.

We are pleased to announce that we have initiated the NOC (No Objection Certificate) process for the development of the Daulatpur Bulk Oil Depot. The proposed capacity of this depot is an impressive 20,671 Metric Tons, making it a significant addition to our storage infrastructure. More..